Sleeping with God Meditation Center


Rev. Dr. Kendrick D. Weaver and Lynnette Weaver lead many on-site training and workshops. Below are a few of the most popular. Workshops can also be created and customized to the clients' needs.

Teach Us How to Pray
Christian prayer is an ancient discipline passed down to us through the apostolic tradition. This discipline has been passed down from teachers to disciples for generations. Jesus' disciples asked him to teach them how to pray. They understood that prayer required guidance and instruction. Learn how to pray as Jesus and apostles prayed. Come and rediscover the lost discpline of biblical prayer.

Restore My Soul
Come and learn the ancient discipline of meditation found in the Christian contemplative tradition.Discover practical insight into how to deepen your spirituality. Explore the power of meditation to restore your body, mind and soul.

Unlock Health Through Hypnosis

In this workshop you will learn mind body techniques to help with excess snacking, cravings, stress, low energy levels and much more. You will learn how to engage your imagination to bring about change and gain peace and relaxation in any environment. You will discover how to replace unhealthy habits with new, life-giving ones. Become empowered to manage weight better, embrace healthy foods, and foster internal relaxation at any time. After our time together, you will feel recharged, confident and ready to experience a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you.

Ministry and Meditation

Participants will gain practical insight into how to incorporate meditation into their ministry setting in the context of meetings, Bible studies, worship services and more. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice meditative exercises.

Marriage and Meditation
Contemplative disciplines such as spirit art, centering prayer and meditation can transform your marriage and household. Increase the intimacy and communication in your relationship by exploring the contemplative life together. Enhance your relationship by learning spiritual practices that you can do as a couple.

Lectio Divina
In this workshop, you will gain insight into the ancient monastic practice of Lectio Divina (Divine Reading). You will learn how to open yourself up to God's revelation in the Scripture and a deeper sense of prayer and communion with the Holy.